Magical Cooking Artwork


Activate the Simple Knowledge Keys
to the Art of Magically Creating
a Healthy AND Delicious Lifestyle

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Magical Yums Keybook

Magical Yums Keybook
Tap into a new flow of conscious cooking…
because NOW is your time to choose health:
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A Sneak Peek of What’s Behind the Lock…

Choosing Your Health

and why it can be a tastier choice than you imagine

Magical Methods

the hidden cooking process “basics” no one tells you about

Essential Food Spells

easy to prepare and flexible recipes you can live on

Conscious Cooking

magical practices for healing and maintaining your health

Elementary Equipment

cut through the clutter to the kitchen fundamentals

Vital Inventory

fill your mind pantry with the knowledge of principal ingredients

Going Natural

replacing junk ingredients and detoxifying your body and soul

Dispelling Myths

releasing and clearing common food habits and conditioning

“Align your bowl with your soul.”
Be among the first to get the new book.

More content coming soon… meanwhile here’s some
pictures of our yummy colourful creations! Enjoy!